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The New Russia The New Russia
Mikhail Gorbachev

In this new work, Russia’s elder statesman draws on his wealth of knowledge and experience to reveal the development of Putin’s regime and the intentions behind it. He argues that in order to further his own personal power, Putin has corrupted the achievements of perestroika and created a system which offers no future for Russia. Faced with this, Gorbachev advocates a radical reform of politics and new fostering of pluralism and social democracy.

"This is a testimony to Gorbachev’s contribution to world history, not just during his heyday of perestroika but over the last two decades of post-communism, offering unique insight into events. Gorbachev takes a critical view of the Yeltsin reforms, and above all he offers a nuanced and intelligent analysis of Putin’s rule. Anybody interested in the end of the Soviet Union, post-communist Russia and contemporary world politics should read this book."
Richard Sakwa, University of Kent, UK

China's Future China's Future
David Shambaugh

'David Shambaugh lays out some bold speculations about possible futures for China that will make even seasoned China hands rethink their assumptions. It is critical reading from one of our most astute observers of that country.'
Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University

'While it is not possible to predict China’s future, it is possible to assay the contradictory forces that are propelling it forward. Bringing his years of experience and deep insight to bear, David Shambaugh has met this daunting challenge with great perception, balance and concision.'
Orville Schell, Director, Center on US-China Relations, Asia Society


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Joseph S. Nye, Jr

"Academics and political junkies will probably breeze through Is the American Century Over? But the book is so well-written and accessible, general readers are likely to find it engaging and insightful as well. At its core, policy-oriented research and writing should strive to inform not just specialists or experts, but the public at large, making Nye's contribution to debates about America's purported decline that much more important."
Huffington Post
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The Economist
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The Washington Diplomat

Lothar MullerWhite Magic: The Age of Paper
Lothar Muller

"Balanced and intelligent... Even those who are happy with e-books will be grateful to Muller's publishers for printing White Magic on good, thick, creamy paper and including, at the end, a dozen blank pages, all of which I have covered with untidy, handwritten notes, to make this mechanical mass-produced artifact intimately my own."
New York Review of Books
"A richly sprawling history."
Times Literary Supplement
"A panoramic literary-historical work reminiscent of Erich Auerbach’s Mimesis."
The Washington Post

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