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Winner of the 2014 European Non-Fiction Book Prize, now available in Paperback

Turbulent and Might Continent Turbulent and Might Continent
Anthony Giddens

"Rich in insights on conceptualising problems and identifying solutions."
LSE Review of Books

"A significant intervention into the debate about Europe's future."
Gerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany

"An indispensable book at a time when clear thinking about the EU is vital."
Javier Solana, former EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Secretary-General of NATO

"A brilliant and subtle contribution to the future of Europe."
Europe's World

Is the American Century Over? Is the American Century Over?
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

"With his usual clarity and insight, Joe Nye gives us a fascinating analysis of the complexities of power, exploring hard and soft power, state and non-state actors, and how to retain leadership once domination is over. European readers have much to learn from the U.S. experience and its lessons for the evolution of the EU."
Mario Monti, Prime Minister of Italy (2011-13) and President of Bocconi University

"The future of American power is the great question of our century. No-one is better equipped than Joe Nye to answer it."
Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft, USAF (Ret.), former Presidential National Security Advisor

"This calm, reflective, and thoughtful antidote to alarm about American decline displays Nye's astonishing capacity to engage with the full range of challenges to American leadership."
Michael Ignatieff, Harvard Kennedy School


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Carl Cederström and Andre Spicer

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Steven Poole, The Guardian
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Helen Rumbleow, The Times
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Simon Critchley, The New School for Social Research

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