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This highly acclaimed work, in which Pierre Bourdieu turns his attention to the academic world and offers a brilliant analysis of modern intellectual culture, is now available in paperback. The academy is shown to be not just a realm of dialogue and debate, but also a sphere of power in which reputations and careers are made, defended and destroyed.

Bourdieu constructs a map of the intellectual field in France and analyzes the forms of capital power, the lines of conflict and the patterns of change which characterize the system of higher education in France today.

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First Edition
Publication Dates ROW:
Sep 1990
Publication Dates US:
Publication Dates Aus & NZ:
Sep 1990

230 x 155 mm
9.02 x 6.08 in
376 pages

* Exam copies only available to lecturers for whom the book may be suitable as a course text.
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'There is a formidable mind at work in Homo Academicus and a mordant sense of humour ... how far Bourdieu's model fits the British academic world will no doubt fuel a good deal of argument in senior common rooms this winter.' David Lodge, The Guardian

'A magnificent analysis of French intellectual life. Based on extensive survey work ... it is also informed by an acute intelligence.' New Statesman and Society

'Bourdieu's study, Homo Academicus has been on the best seller list in Paris. It will soon become a reference book, a fundamental contribution to the study of higher education.' Higher Education in France

'Thorough and incisive.' Anthropology in Action

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Table of Contents

Preface to the English Edition.

1. A "Book For Burning"?.

2. The Conflict of the Faculties.

3. Types of Capital and Forms of Power.

4. The Defence of the Corps and the Break in Equilibrium.

5. The Critical Moment.

Post-Script: The Categories of Professorial Judgement.




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Author Information

Pierre Bourdieu was Professor of Sociology at the Collège de France

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