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Welcome to the Global Transformations Website, which serves to support and extend the resources of those who use the Global Transformations books series. The series comprises four books:

In this website you will find a variety of useful texts and tools to help further the study of globalization and the debates about it. Among these are: discussions of how to define globalization, advice about how to research globalization, as well as a variety of articles and interviews by the editors and useful links relating to the Globalization series.


“What a pleasure it is to read a book about globalization which is comprehensive yet carefully researched, where arguments are laid out precisely and then tested, and where the conclusions actually flow from the evidence. This is easily the best account of what globalization has and has not accomplished to date. It is essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand the way the world impinges on our lives.”

– Michael Mann, University of California at Los Angeles

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