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David Held

Current Post : Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science, LSE

David Held was born in 1951 in Britain where he spent most of his childhood. He was educated in Britain, France, Germany and the United States.

He has held numerous Visiting Appointments in the United States, Australia, Canada and Spain, among other places. In the last five years he has lectured regularly on questions of democracy, international justice and globalization to audiences in many countries.

David Held's main research interests include rethinking democracy at transnational and international levels and the study of globalization and global governance. He has strong interests both in political theory and in the more empirical dimensions of political analysis.


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Other Interests

Twenty-two years ago David Held co-founded Polity, which is now a major presence in social science and humanities publishing.

Anthony McGrew

Current Post: Chair of International Relations, Southampton University

Tony McGrew began his academic career at the now Liverpool John Moores University. After many years at The Open University he moved recently to take up the Chair of International Relations at Southampton University.

Tony McGrew's current interests embrace globalization and international relations theory, military globalization, US foreign policy and problems of global governance.


Among his books are:

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Other Interests

Beyond academic life Tony McGrew is interested in modern art and in flying (both real and virtual).

David Goldblatt

Current Post: Lecturer in Social Sciences at The Open University

David Goldblatt's main research interests are in environmental history, policy, sociology and politics.


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Jonathan Perraton

Current post: Lecturer in Economics and Deputy Director, Political Economy Research Centre, University of Sheffield

Research Interests

Economic Globalisation and its Policy Implications.

Political Economy.

Education and Economic Performance.

International Trade - its impact on evelopment and an institutional analysis of trade policy.


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