Investigating Gender


This site has been developed to help you make the most of Investigating Gender. The site has two main faces. You can always find the specially written student and instructor resources using the buttons at the top of each page. These high-quality supplementary materials have been written by the authors with the same engaged commitment to critical learning that has inspired the book. They include quizzes, step-by-step guides to learning activities, and summaries for students, as well as lesson ideas and hints to get the most out of the pedagogical features of the book for teachers in the Instructor Guides.

You can also make use of the site’s interactive features by clicking on the blog button above, where you can keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from a feminist sociological angle, and make your own voice heard! The resource hub allows teachers to share their ideas for teaching with us and other users of the site.

You can find out more about all of these features by clicking the ‘About’ tab at the top of this page, or explore for yourself…

"Our hope is that this site will extend the aims of the book: to provide tools and skills necessary to become critical thinkers and investigate gender from a feminist sociological perspective.

We hope you will visit regularly in conjunction with the book to join us in engaging with questions of gender in today’s world!"

Martha E. Thompson and Michael Armato