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About Polity Language and Linguistics

Polity publishes a list of textbooks and original works in the fields of language and linguistics. Key titles include Ian Hutchby and Robin Wooffitt's Conversation Analysis, now in its second edition, Frederick Erickson’s Talk and Social Theory, Jean-Louis Calvet’s Towards an Ecology of World Languages and David Crystal’s The Language Revolution.

The work of some of the social theorists and sociologists published by Polity is also of interest to students and scholars in linguistics and sociolinguistics. Of particular interest is Abram de Swaan's Words of the World: The Global Language System, Pierre Bourdieu's Language and Symbolic Power and the many works by Jürgen Habermas, especially On the Pragmatics of Communication and On the Pragmatics of Social Interaction.

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Major Textbooks

Book CoverTalbot: Language and Gender (2nd edition)

“Mary Talbot’s book provides a comprehensive, theoretically-sophisticated and accessible introduction to the field of language and gender. Unlike other language and gender textbooks, Talbot foregrounds the importance of language and gender studies to the analysis of popular culture and mass media ‘texts’. Thus, Talbot’s book will appeal not only to students and scholars of linguistics, but to anyone with a serious interest in cultural studies.”

Susan Ehrlich, York University

This new edition of Language and Gender has been thoroughly revised and updated, including the addition of entirely new chapters that explore recent work in the field. A range of approaches is covered at an introductory level, presenting sometimes difficult and complex issues in an understandable way.

Book CoverHutchby and Wooffitt: Conversation Analysis

'Conversation analysis is increasingly understood as providing a major contribution to theories and methods across the social sciences. Hutchby and Wooffitt have written an introduction to conversation analysis which is clear, authoritative and engaging. It is the best book on conversation analysis so far, and it will be hard to better it. A splendid textbook that will be eagerly adopted by those teaching conversation analysis but it will also be read widely by researchers and academics who want to find out what this thriving and challenging field has to offer.'

Jonathan Potter, Professor of Discourse Analysis, Loughborough University

Book CoverCrystal: The Language Revolution

'This is the first book to deal with the really important question of “what to do next?” After the rise of English, the endangerment of minoritized languages the world over and the web’s tilt toward where the money is, what can we who treasure diversity as the real human (and humanizing) condition “do about” the continued and accelerating demise of scores of languages every month? Crystal is a master of simplifying (but not oversimplifying) the difficult, as well as of involving the reader in ideas and efforts that go beyond the status quo and good intentions. Three cheers for more of the same!'

Joshua A. Fishman, Yeshiva University, Stanford University and New York University

Book Cover Erickson: Talk and Social Theory

"This latest book by Erickson addresses an issue that is very timely and topical...the puzzle it seeks to crack is one that has long haunted researchers in social sciences and related areas."

Journal of Sociolinguistics

Book Cover Calvet: Towards an Ecology of World Languages

"A treasure-trove addition in the realm of ecolinguistics ... of interest not only to professional linguists – it is also a highly recommended textbook for students of linguistics."

Jan Blommaert and Pan Lin, Journal of Sociolinguistics