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Philosophy Catalogue 2015
Philosophy Catalogue 2015

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About Polity Philosophy

Polity is committed to publishing high-quality original work and key textbooks in the field of philosophy. Our list embraces continental philosophy and the analytical tradition, and we are actively expanding our publishing programme in both.

We publish some of the leading European philosophers, such as Theodor Adorno, Jürgen Habermas, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Jacques Derrida, Paul Ricoeur, Gianni Vattimo and Norberto Bobbio. We also publish many distinguished philosophers in the English-speaking world, including Brian Barry, Richard Rorty, Alasdair MacIntyre, Richard Bernstein, Quentin Skinner, John Dunn, Carole Pateman, Nancy Fraser, Seyla Benhabib, Robert Goodin, Philip Pettit and Christopher Hookway.

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Major Textbooks

Book CoverAlfano: Moral Psychology

Moral Psychology: An Introduction is the first textbook on this hot topic aimed specifically at a philosophical audience. The author has taken care to connect cutting-edge empirical research in social, personality, cognitive, and developmental psychology with timeless ethical themes, such as altruism, virtue, utility, and moral disagreement.

Book CoverKäufer and Chemero: Phenomenology: An Introduction

"This is an extremely well-conceived and well-executed project. By focusing on perception and cognition, the authors show the contemporary relevance of phenomenology, and also provide an excellent introduction to the phenomenological movement in philosophy."

Mark Adam Wrathall, University of California, Riverside

Book CoverLivingston and Cutrofello: The Problems of Contemporary Philosophy

"Drawing extensively on both the analytic and continental traditions, as well as on the whole history of philosophy, Livingstone and Cutrofello masterfully articulate the current state of philosophy’s most basic problems. Every philosopher working today needs to read this book—and their students need it even more."

John McCumber, UCLA

Book CoverRickles: The Philosophy of Physics

In this unique book, Dean Rickles guides readers through the core questions underlying the philosophy of physics. He discusses the three pillars of modern physics (quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and theories of relativity), in addition to more cutting-edge themes such as econophysics, quantum gravity, and gauge theories.

Book CoverParsons: The Philosophy of Design

"The first introduction to the philosophy of design – one that is clear, highly readable and engaging. Scholars and students of both philosophy and design will find welcome common ground here."

Greg Bamford, The University of Queensland

Book CoverJames: Environmental Philosophy: An Introduction

"Simon James has written an engaging book that covers many of the most important philosophical questions raised by environmental issues, and is well suited to serve as a text for a course in environmental philosophy."

Peter Singer, AC, Princeton University

Book CoverCain: The Philosophy of Cognitive Science

"Mark Cain has written a beautifully lucid, thoughtful and authoritative introduction to central issues in the philosophy of cognitive science: highly recommended to students and all others who want to learn about this area."

Tim Crane, Knightbridge Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

Book CoverSwift: Political Philosophy, third edition

"The third edition of Adam Swift's introduction to political philosophy is clear-headed, fair-minded and fluently written. It will be of great value to students and all those interested in contemporary debates about liberty, equality, justice and community."

Michael Sandel, Professor of Government, Harvard University

Book CoverHolland: Public Health Ethics, second edition

"Stephen Holland brings the rigor of analytic ethical analysis to bear on public health and makes an important contribution to clear thinking in this vital area. His discussion is conceptually rich and factually well-informed. His careful and lucid views on practical policy questions in public health also make this book essential reading."

Bruce Jennings, Yale University

Book CoverCoffey and Brown: Ethics for OCR Religious Studies: The Complete Resource for AS and A2

"This is a very thorough and versatile book with plenty in it to satisfy both the diligent student and the demanding teacher. It is written with competence, detail and flair. It serves as a complete and comprehensive course book that is both practical and focused. A very welcome addition to the subject area."

Richard Gray, author and senior examiner

Book CoverAho: Existentialism: An Introduction

"Historically comprehensive and philosophically acute, Kevin Aho's Existentialism is a wonderful introduction to the "-ism" that isn't, to "the Noth-ing" that burst forth in philosophy and literature like a series of coordinated attacks on existing reality, exposing the hollow core of modernity and thereby opening up our future."

Iain Thomson, University of New Mexico

Book CoverZurn: Axel Honneth

"Zurn's study of Honneth's social theory of recognition and freedom captures clearly and incisively the dialectical interplay between philosophical inquiry and empirical research that defines his approach. It is the best guide I know of to the rich, multidisciplinary work of this significant thinker."

Thomas A. McCarthy, Northwestern University

Book CoverBraver: Heidegger

"Leave it to Lee Braver to give us an overview of Heidegger's thought that is both entertaining and consistently insightful. The conversational tone of his commentary is engaging, while each page reveals a lifetime of careful thought about Heidegger. This is the best general introduction to Heidegger for students and non-specialists I have seen in decades."

Charles Guignon, University of South Florida

Book CoverLaruelle: Intellectuals and Power

"Laruelle's major theoretical operation, that is, his uniquely original mode of non-philosophic 'reconceptualization,' is put to use with regard to the figure of the intellectual, and philosopher or non-philosopher, in the frame of a new and very different genealogy involving the Victim. The outcome is nothing less than a conceptual tour de force."

Kenneth Surin, Duke University

Book CoverMehring: Carl Schmitt

"In this fascinating biography, Mehring has used Schmitt's only recently available diaries and calendar entries to lay bare the obsessions of this brilliant thinker -- often referred to as the Hobbes of the 20th century. Especially revealing are his struggles to shatter 'the Jew in him,' which led him to aspire to become Hitler's "pope" – with all that that implied."

George Schwab, President, National Committee on American Foreign Policy

Book CoverMassumi: Politics of Affect

"A politics of affect – what might that mean, given that we are completely immersed in affects? Spinoza and Deleuze have pressed us too forcefully into that particular sea. Massumi teaches us carefully how to swim in it. Not only a politics but also a practice of affect – a form of life."

Antonio Negri

Book CoverAlcoff: The Future of Whiteness

White, European Americans living in the United States will soon share an unprecedented experience of slipping below 50% of the population. The effect is a national backlash of hyper-mobilized political, and sometimes violent, activism with a stated aim that is simultaneously vague and deadly clear: 'to take our country back'.

Book CoverNewman: Postanarchism

"Beautifully written, Newman’s book is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of contemporary capitalism, the nature of political contestation and the choices we can exercise as political actors."

Simon Tormey, University of Sydney

Book CoverElden: Foucault’s Last Decade

On 26 August 1974 Foucault completed Discipline & Punish, and on that same day began writing The History of Sexuality. This book offers a detailed intellectual history of both the abandoned thematic project and the more properly historical version left incomplete, to provide a comprehensive overview of Foucault’s last decade.

Book CoverCederström and Spicer: The Wellness Syndrome

Wellness is more than just an obsession today. It's a moral demand. If you fail to be happy and look after after your health then you're a moral failure. The Wellness Syndrome confronts the tyranny of the new world of biomorality, where feeling good has become indistinguishable from being good, offering an illuminating, forceful critique.

Book CoverBaert: The Existentialist Moment

"In this brilliant intellectual history of Sartre, Patrick Baert creates a new theory of the public intellectual not in terms of their intentions but through the consequences of their thought. The result is a superb contribution to our understanding of public intellectuals and to the sociology of knowledge."

Bryan S. Turner, The City University of New York

Book CoverBalibar: Citizenship

"Citizenship can only truly exist as insurrection. Democracy must be democratized. These are the daring propositions that Balibar, Marxism’s least pious philosopher, nails to the door of neoliberalism’s church."

Bruce Robbins, Columbia University

Book CoverHabermas: The Lure of Technocracy

This volume reflects the impressive scope of Habermas’s recent writings on European themes, including theoretical treatments of the complex legal and political issues at stake, interventions on current affairs, and reflections on the lives and works of major European philosophers and intellectuals.

Book CoverLacan: Transference

"This is Lacan at his breeziest and most incisive. He reveals once again, in his own inimitable way, that to talk well about psychoanalysis is always to talk about so much more than psychoanalysis."

Adam Phillips, Psychoanalyst and writer

Polity Book Series

Key Concepts in Philosophy

Key Concepts in Philosophy is a major new series of concise and accessible books that introduce students to some of the core concepts in philosophy. Each author will get to the heart of the debate about these concepts – to chart their evolution, the battles over meaning and usage, and to discuss any current controversies.

Theory Redux

We desperately need a new theoretical culture. We need a culture that can be shared by many. We need it because the systematic nurturing of stupidity practiced by the contemporary world must be fought against. But it can be fought only if the most original, powerful, demanding experiments in thought of our time are made accessible to all. Theory Redux is a new series of radical theoretical interventions edited by Laurent de Sutter. These are smart, portable, stylish books by the greatest contemporary thinkers.

Key Contemporary Thinkers

This series makes available to a wide audience the ideas of some of the most influential thinkers of our time. Cutting across the boundaries between academic disciplines and between different traditions of thought, the series addresses European as well as Anglo-American thinkers. The books are written in a clear and concise way, making them suitable for students and for the interested general reader.

New and published titles of particular interest to philosophy students and lecturers are listed below. Please check other subject pages for further titles in this series.

Classic Thinkers

This series makes available to a wide audience the ideas of some of the most influential classic thinkers of our time. The books situate thinkers within their social and historical contexts, showing how their work emerged from a particular setting and addressed some of the concerns of their time. They are written in a clear and concise way, making them suitable for students and for the interested general reader.

Theory Now

Key Concepts

Key Concepts is a series of concise and accessible textbooks exploring core concepts in the social sciences. The books focus on concepts that are central to each discipline and have a high degree of complexity surrounding them. For more information on individual titles please see the series webpage: www.polity.co.uk/keyconcepts.