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Security Studies Catalogue 2016Security Studies Catalogue 2016

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Security Studies

Polity is one of the world's leading publishers in security studies, politics and international relations. We publish many of the key scholars in the field and our list has earned a reputation for innovative, cutting-edge publications. We also have a strong list of textbooks in politics which are widely adopted at colleges and universities around the world.

Our authors include internationally renowned scholars and analysts in security studies such as Thomas Weiss, Paul Rogers, Paul Diehl, Mary Kaldor, Alan Dowty, John Ikenberry, Tzvetan Todorov, Dennis Sandole, Barry Buzan, Martin Shaw, John Dryzek and Robert E. Goodin.

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Major Titles

Book CoverOliver Ramsbotham , Tom Woodhouse and Hugh Miall: Contemporary Conflict Resolution, 4th Edition

"Contemporary Conflict Resolution, now updated with current research and new approaches to deeply difficult protracted conflicts, remains the most comprehensive, well-conceputalized and useful introductory text to the wider fields of peace and conflict studies. I highly recommend this book to students, professors, policymakers and practitioners, it is an invaluable resource."

John Paul Lederach, Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame

Book CoverHugh Miall , Tom Woodhouse , Oliver Ramsbotham and Christopher Mitchell: The Contemporary Conflict Resolution Reader

"This book is an absolute must-have resource for anyone interested in the birth and history of conflict resolution as a field of study, as well as a lexicon of fundamental documents that are currently shaping thinking and practice in the peacebuilding field. It is a unique and inspiring testimony to many of the challenges the field has faced, as well as demonstrating the strategic import of todays scholars and practitioners about how better to address the resolution of conflicts around the world today."

Mari Fitzduff, Brandeis University

Book CoverSamer N. Abboud: Syria

"This book brings together the phases and dimensions of the Syrian conflict in a uniquely convincing and comprehensive way. This is prefaced by a useful overview of the historical context of the Uprising. The book’s sections on the militarisation of the conflict are especially valuable."

Raymond Hinnebusch, University of St Andrews

Book CoverChristopher Coker: Future War

"Christopher Coker's Future War is powerfully elegant and breathtakingly erudite, as much at home in history and the classics as in science fiction and futurism. It is intellectually challenging, always challenging, sketching a future of Big Data where war will no longer be the monopoly of the state. When Coker balances the factors driving war against those constraining it, he recognizes that its end is not yet in sight. Even so, there is a glimmer of optimism and hope in his analysis--the future, as points out, is not a destiny, but a choice."

Steven Metz, Strategic Studies Institute, Pennsylvania

Book CoverAmin Saikal: Iran at the Crossroads

"Amin Saikal s lucid and learned interpretation of contemporary Iran is truly indispensable for anyone interested in the country and region. Quite remarkably, the book provides balanced, illuminating, and persuasive assessments of the complex and controversial internal, regional, and international challenges confronting the Iranian leadership."

Richard A. Falk, Princeton University

Book CoverKarin M. Fierke: Critical Approaches to International Security, 2nd Edition

“Pushing further the debates over critical approaches to security studies, the second edition of Fierke's book addresses its core themes -- change, identity, danger, trauma and emancipation -- in a clear and compelling manner. The book will make an excellent textbook, engaging directly with real-world security issues while remaining true to its critical engagement.”

Keith Krause, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

Book CoverColin S. Gray: The Future of Strategy

"Colin S Gray is one of the great strategic thinkers of the day. In The Future of Strategy he argues that there is a general theory of strategy that applies to all times, places and circumstances. Insightful and controversial, it is a must-read for all students of strategic studies and policy makers who wrestle with the difficult strategic issues of the contemporary world."

John Baylis, Emeritus Professor, Swansea University

Book CoverThomas G. Weiss: Humanitarian Intervention, 3rd Edition

“Thomas Weiss’s book is a thorough and responsible account of humanitarian intervention viewed from the ground, where it really matters.”

Fernando R. Tesón, Florida State University College of Law

Book CoverJonathan Holslag: China's Coming War with Asia

“An intellectually challenging and well-written argument by one of Europe’s brightest young Asia hands that Asia is doomed to war because China’s aspirations and the expectations of its Asian neighbors are irreconcilable. Well worth reading even by those who believe that smart diplomacy can preserve peace.”

Susan L. Shirk, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, UC-San Diego

Book CoverAlex de Waal: The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa: Money, War and the Business of Power

"The foremost Western analyst of the Horn of Africa, Alex de Waal provides a superb account of the region's highly interdependent and often troubling politics. He combines an anthropologist's attention to local contexts with a political economist's analysis of transnational entanglements of markets, power struggles, and war. Often disturbing, even though de Waal seeks reasons to be hopeful, but a must read."

Craig Calhoun, London School of Economics and Political Science

Book CoverPaul D. Williams: War and Conflict in Africa, 2nd edition

“War and Conflict in Africa is a fantastic resource for all those who want to learn about the causes, consequences, and solutions to African conflicts. Superbly researched, written, and documented, it manages to cover and synthesize the major debates on war and peace in Africa in a single book.”

Séverine Autesserre, Barnard College, Columbia University

Book CoverJohn Kaag and Sarah Kreps: Drone Warfare

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2015
"Kaag and Kreps offer a concise, provocative, and well-informed primer on the many issues related to drones. Anyone interested in this emerging form of warfare will want to read this book.” /br>

Daniel Byman, Georgetown University

Book CoverSteven M. Goldstein: China and Taiwan

"In a highly readable narrative, Steven Goldstein provides rare insights not only into current Taiwan society and cross-Strait relations but also the critical underlying historical background. No other source covers that ground so comprehensively yet so accessibly. China and Taiwan is required reading for anyone seeking to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead."

Alan Romberg, The Stimson Center

Book CoverWilliam Zartman: Preventing Deadly Conflict

"The publication of Preventing Deadly Conflict by I. William Zartman is a valuable addition to this crucially important field. He has been a leading scholar in this field for years and has made fundamental contributions. This book will have much value for years to come."

David A. Hamburg, President Emeritus, Carnegie Corporation of New York


Book CoverMiguel A. Centeno and Elaine Enriquez: War & Society

"In this short, yet erudite and comprehensive book, Centeno and Enriquez show how warfare has shaped almost every aspect of social life. Written in clear and crisp prose, full of perceptive insights and backed up by robust evidence, this study makes a powerful case that sociological analysis is indispensable for the study of war."

Siniša Maleševiæ, University College Dublin

Book CoverClaire Duncanson: Gender and Peacebuilding

'A rare gendered insight into the political economy of war and peace, this book will be critical reading for anyone wanting to define a post-1325 agenda for women, peace and security.'

Eleanor O'Gorman, University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Book CoverAlan Dowty: Israel / Palestine, 3rd Edition

"Simply the best book available for undergraduates. In my many years of teaching I have never received such universal praise for a textbook on course evaluations."

Israel Studies Review

Book CoverBrian Sandberg: War and Conflict in the Early Modern World: 1500-1700

"By studying early modern war and conflict on a global scale, Brian Sandberg not only reveals his incredible erudition, but also provides valuable insights into the role war played in the shaping of states and societies, and the emergence of a new world system."

Hervé Drévillon, l'Institut des Etudes sur la Guerre et la Paix, Université Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne

Book CoverDavid Lyon: Surveillance After Snowden

"Surveillance after Snowden is a brilliant plea for human beings to secure personal agency and civic rights in a world of metadata and surveillance. This won’t be easy, but it is among the most important challenges for the future of democracy."

Craig Calhoun, Director, London School of Economics and Political Science


Book CoverLaura Sjoberg: Gender, War, and Conflict

''Laura Sjoberg has written a valuable, teachable and up-to-the-minute gender-smart book about war. With its mix of gritty case studies and Big Questions, Gender, War and Conflict offers lucky readers the tools to reassess mainstream International Relations' theories and to start fashioning explanations of their own.''

Cynthia Enloe, Clark University


Book CoverCarol Cohn: Women and Wars: Contested Histories, Uncertain Futures

"A comprehensive and highly readable collection, which is thematically and conceptually coherent."


Polity Book Series

Global Futures

Polity's exciting new 'Global Futures' series explores the key questions set to determine the kind of world we're shaping for generations to come. Written by leading experts across the world, these short books offer pacey and thought-provoking responses to some of biggest contemporary challenges, from conflict in the Middle East to the future of Europe.

Book CoverMohammed Ayoob: Will the Middle East Implode?

"A trenchant and clear-eyed analysis of the turbulent forces now buffeting the Middle East. No one knows exactly where these societies are headed, but this book is a sure guide to the rival forces that are now contending in the region and a timely warning of the dangers ahead. It is more than a tour d'horizon; it is a tour de force."

Stephen Walt, Harvard Kennedy School

Book CoverChristopher Coker: Can War be Eliminated?

"Christopher Coker's new book is a masterpiece of erudite concision in which I learned something new on every page. He is not only Britain's leading philosopher of warfare, but a prolific historian who puts the competition to shame."

Michael Burleigh, author of Small Wars, Faraway Places: Global Insurrection and The Making of the Modern World

Hot Spots in Global Politics

These concise books offer authoritative overviews of conflicts in some of the world’s most notorious political ‘hot spots’. Written for a broad audience of students and general readers, they provide invaluable introductions to key regional and sub-regional conflict zones.

War and Conflict in the Modern World

This ground-breaking series provides intellectually rigorous introductions to core topics in War and Conflict Studies, drawing on a wide range of modern examples. Written by internationally renowned scholars, the books will aim to provide new empirical and/or analytical insight and make a clear contribution to public debate.


We live in a world of diminishing resources. Demand for many fuels and minerals far exceeds supply and the global battles to access and control these resources are intensifying. In this exciting new series leading international experts explore the geopolitics of key natural resources. From oil to water, timber to coltan, these provocative and illuminating books offer big-picture analyses of the complex power struggles at play and their implications for the future of these vital global resources.