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Recent Reviews

While we are primarily an academic publisher, many of our books are also of interest to a general readership. This is reflected in the outstanding reviews our books receive in the general media as a well as in specialist journals.

Many of these are open access – wherever they’re available you can read the full reviews by clicking the publications’ names below!

Is the American Century Over?

Is the American Century Over?
By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

"This short, well-argued book offers a powerful rebuttal to America's premature obituarists."
The Economist
"A pioneer in the theory of soft power and the dean of American political scientists, Nye knows geopolitics. In his new book, Is the American Century Over?, Nye makes a strong case that American geopolitical superiority, far from being eclipsed, is still firmly in place and set to endure. And the biggest threat isn't China or India or Russia–it's America itself."
"In this short, thoughtful book, Nye presents his case convincingly. It is a case that policy makers should ponder carefully."
Huffington Post
"The United States will likely remain the world's predominant power for many decades to come, Joe Nye concludes in his insightful new book. This welcome prediction is tempered by Nye's warning about key challenges that could yet lead to American decline, most notably, political dysfunction at home."
The Boston Globe
"US declinism can be overdone. In an excellent new essay asking Is the American Century Over? the Harvard scholar Joseph Nye points up America's enduring strengths — economic, demographic and geographic as well as military."
Financial Times

Wellness Syndrome

Wellness Syndrome
By Carl Cederström and Andre Spicer

"Carl Cederström and André Spicer's brilliantly sardonic anatomy of this wellness syndrome concentrates on the ways in which the pressure to be well operates as a moralising command and obliterates political engagement."
Steven Poole, The Guardian
"When I read their angry, hilarious book, The Wellness Syndrome, I felt like I was being shaken awake from a dream."
Helen Rumbleow, The Times
"A wonderful piece of work which exposes the wellness ideology for what it is: a stupid and dreadful fantasy of authentic self-mastery. As this timely and entertaining book shows, such fantasies must be nailed."
Simon Critchley, The New School for Social Research

White Magic: The Age of Paper

White Magic: The Age of Paper
By Lothar Muller

"A richly sprawling history"
Times Literary Supplement
"A panoramic literary-historical work reminiscent of Erich Auerbach's Mimesis"
The Washington Post
"What a great read! It is a book to warm up the brain on a day of mental fog."
Inside Higher Education
"Most of this erudite, engaging work is concerned with the rise of paper and its dominance as civilisation's archive and its role as a "metaphorical resource": the origin of phrases such as "a blank page". As well as being a historical account of the way paper came to permeate every aspect of life, Muller mines European literature for the role paper has played in the stories we tell ourselves."
Sydney Morning Herald

Turbulent and Mighty Continent: What Future for Europe?

Turbulent and Mighty Continent: What Future for Europe?
By Anthony Giddens

"Rich in insights on conceptualising problems and identifying solutions."
LSE Review of Books
"A significant intervention into the debate about Europe's future."
Gerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany
"An indispensable book at a time when clear thinking about the EU is vital."
Javier Solana, former EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Secretary-General of NATO
"A brilliant and subtle contribution to the future of Europe."
Europe's World

Will China Dominate the 21st Century?

Will China Dominate the 21st Century?
By Jonathan Fenby

"A very readable and plausible take on why China will not dominate the twenty-first century."
International Affairs
"Leading China commentator Jonathan Fenby’s latest book on China's position in the world offers a nuanced picture of the country's strengths and weaknesses."
China Daily




Stranger in My Own Country

Stranger in My Own Country
By Hans Fallada

"This is certainly a revelatory book. As its author intended, it reveals much about the pernicious nature of Nazi rule during the Third Reich; the compromises demanded, the tribulations endured, the lives ruined. At one point Fallada laments: "Oh, how they bled us dry! How they robbed us of every joy and happiness, every smile, every friendship! Yet it also reveals something that its author did not intend, and that is Fallada’s own deeply flawed character."
The Financial Times
"An outspoken memoir of life under the Nazis written from a prison cell... a fascinating document."
The Independent
"Exquisite and troubling... one of the most powerful accounts of life in the Third Reich."
The Economist
"This is a remarkable book."
The Scotsman

Inside the Brotherhood

Inside the Brotherhood
By Hazem Kandil

"The overall thrust of the book presents an interesting and plausible account of recent historical events in Egypt. But the real value of the work lies not in its ideological drive but in the richness of its empirical data and the rare glimpse of this well-known but little-understood religio-political movement 'from the inside'."
Middle East Monitor
"A deeply intimate portrait of an organisation rightly known as "the mother of all Islamist movements"."
Morning Star

Europe Entrapped

Europe Entrapped
By Claus Offe

"The title of his book says it all: Europe finds itself in a trap of its own making. Offe has no easy answers as to how the continent might escape. But his 130–page essay is a model of analytical clarity and should be required reading for anyone who wants to grasp the core issues of the crisis—and eschew simple slogans and facile apportionment of blame to single nations (whether Germany or Greece)."
Current History

The Sociologist and the Historian

The Sociologist and the Historian
By Pierre Bourdieu and Roger Chartier

"These dialogues have been compiled for the first time in English and are a welcome return to Bourdieu’s groundbreaking thinking… Bourdieu comes across as a lively and multidisciplinary scientist who, in questioning the architecture beneath actions, has genuinely introduced the possibility for freedom."
Morning Star