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Recent Reviews

While we are primarily an academic publisher, many of our books are also of interest to a general readership. This is reflected in the outstanding reviews our books receive in the general media as a well as in specialist journals.

Many of these are open access – wherever they’re available you can read the full reviews by clicking the publications’ names below!

Will China Dominate the 21st Century?

Will China Dominate the 21st Century?
By Jonathan Fenby

"Readers new to China should start right here."
Times Higher Education Supplement
"Leading China commentator Jonathan Fenby's latest book on China's position in the world offers a nuanced picture of the country's strengths and weaknesses."
China Daily
"Jonathan Fenby offers a well-informed and balanced assessment of China's past and prospects, recognising its remarkable economic achievements but also noting the huge economic, social and political challenges it confronts. China will not, he concludes, dominate the world in the 21st century. He is almost certainly right."
Martin Wolf, The Financial Times

Liberty and Security

Liberty and Security
By Conor Gearty

"Liberty and security is a compelling read, which makes an impassioned argument for a more expansionist vision of liberty than most modern states entertain."
International Affairs
"Conventional lawyers in particular may see Gearty's book as controversial, but this is precisely what makes it essential and compelling reading."
Times Higher Education
"Encompasses hugely important, wide-angled themes and does so with tremendous erudition, lucidity, assuredness and power."
Global Policy
"Not just a profound analysis of the implications of security practices for democracy and the rule of law, but a brilliantly articulated indictment of such practices by an author who has experienced at first hand and as a lawyer, in the context of Northern Ireland, what it means for the democratic state to target populations in the name of security."
LSE Review of Books
"It is breathtaking for a 146-page book to have as wide a sweep as it does. The book is served exceedingly well by the unwavering focus of Conor Gearty."
Hindu Times

The Media in Transitional Democracies

The Media in Transitional Democracies
By Katrin Voltmer

"Voltmer offers the most comprehensive analysis of the media and political transitions that I have encountered."
"The scope of Voltmer's book is astonishing – it resembles an ocean where geographic magnitude meets with broad and fundamental themes. Voltmer navigates quite elegantly in this space posing remarkably clear questions and logical examples."
European Journal of Communication
"Voltmer's comprehensive book skillfully integrates key concepts from media studies, journalism studies, and political science to illustrate the roles of various forms of media in different types of post-authoritarian democracies. Highly recommended."

China's Environmental Challenges

China's Environmental Challenges
By Judith Shapiro

"This meticulously written book offers an engaging account of China's environmental challenges... It is therefore a 'must-read' for students of environmental politics, Chinese studies and International Relations"
Political Studies Review
"This is a well researched book for all students of China studies and environmental studies...This book should be of interest to scholars, policy makers and activists who are looking for an in-depth analysis of China's environmental challenges."
Europe-Asia Studies
"This revolutionary book could be one of the key environmental texts of our age."
Times Higher Education
"A concise and illuminating book."
Financial Times
"A well researched and balanced book about one of the great issues of our time."
South China Morning Post
"An excellent reference for students of international politics and Chinese studies and a pleasant read for anyone interested in learning about China's environmental challenges."
International Spectator

China's Foreign Policy

China's Foreign Policy
By Stuart Harris

"Above all, and especially for those coming to Chinese foreign policy and affairs for the first time, Harris' book is balanced, orderly and informative."
Times Higher Education

Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community

Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community
By Karen T. Litfin

"Litfin's Ecovillages presents a compelling alternative to the perpetually angst-inducing way we live now, and in that respect it's entirely convincing. After reading it, I'm considering joining an intentional community myself."
LA Review of Books
"In lively, honest and reflective prose, Litfin offers deep insight into how this research project has been part of her own mission of living more sustainably. While Litfin provides us with a range of practical information about the principles of ecovillage organising – including countless nuggets of inspiration that will be useful to anyone, not just those intending to live in communities – she also puts forward a theoretical framework for analysing these emerging ways of sustainable living."
Times Higher Education




Moscow 1937

Moscow 1937
By Karl Schlögel

Winner of the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding
"In both concept and execution Moscow, 1937 is remarkable feat: a work that has found a method by which to communicate an atmosphere that is beyond conventional description."
Australian Journal of Politics and History
"An almost impossibly rich masterpiece. The density and seriousness, the deliberation and literary art of this exhilarating tour de force testifies to the enduring value and purpose of that perhaps now-vanishing triumph of the human intellect, the book."
The Atlantic, best five books of 2012
"A dizzyingly brilliant panorama of the enormous variety of events and processes unfolding in Moscow between 1936 and 1938. Schlögel succeeds admirably - indeed, better than any historian to date - in reproducing the atmosphere and grotesque contradictions."
Times Higher Education
"Exceptionally readable. An extraordinary, thought-provoking masterpiece."
Literary Review
"No book could be more equal to the task of restoring Stalin's victims to Western memory than Schlögel's Moscow, 1937 - it is an extraordinary work of scholarship, prose and remembrance."
Times Literary Supplement
"Compelling in every way, the book startles the mind and stirs the imagination in the way that only poetry and music can sometimes do. An instant classic."
Wichita Eagle

Experimental Philosophy: An Introduction

Experimental Philosophy: An Introduction
By Joshua Alexander

"The research findings in this book are genuinely fascinating, and Alexander does an admirable job of drawing out their implications for contemporary philosophy."
Political Studies Review
"A terrific overview of central debates in this new research field."
Metapsychology Online Reviews

Education and Immigration

Education and Immigration
By Grace Kao, Elizabeth Vaquera and Kimberly Goyette

"It should appeal to a wide readership, of both academic and non-academic readers. The authors demonstrate mastery in the use of both historical accounts and descriptive statistics to identify the most relevant features of the immigrant and descendants of immigrant populations and their educational outcomes"
European Sociological Review

Climate Governance in the Developing World

Climate Governance in the Developing World
By David Held, Charles Roger and Eva-Maria Nag

"Their book is convincing, well written, and sobering."
Perspectives on Politics
"Of great value to both the scholarly world and the policy world. The quality of the research is consistently high across all the chapters, and the editors have ensured an excellent degree of analytical cohesion."
LSE Review of Books
"An excellent reference for anyone concerned with the direction of climate policy in rising economies around the world."
Reference and Research Book News

Are We All Scientific Experts Now?

Are We All Scientific Experts Now?
By Harry Collins

"This brave, thoughtful little book should be sent to every newspaper editor. Collins doesn’t write with Ben Goldacre’s righteous anger, but his careful, nuanced scholarship is just as persuasive."
Dublin Review of Books
"Certainly a book for those who are interested in science and its role in society. For those who are curious about how scientists tackle problems and why they do often have the answers, it should prove illuminating."
Times Higher Education
"In this short, accessible book, Collins argues sensibly that policy makers should be guided by scientific consensus and legitimate expertise. This position marks a positive departure from the philosophical scepticism of some other work in science studies."
The Lancet