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Recent Reviews

While we are primarily an academic publisher, many of our books are also of interest to a general readership. This is reflected in the outstanding reviews our books receive in the general media as a well as in specialist journals.

Many of these are open access – wherever they’re available you can read the full reviews by clicking the publications’ names below!

Moscow 1937

Moscow 1937
By Karl Schlogel

Winner of the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding

"An almost impossibly rich masterpiece. The density and seriousness, the deliberation and literary art of this exhilarating tour de force testifies to the enduring value and purpose of that perhaps now-vanishing triumph of the human intellect, the book."
The Atlantic, best five books of 2012
"A dizzyingly brilliant panorama of the enormous variety of events and processes unfolding in Moscow between 1936 and 1938. Schlogel succeeds admirably - indeed, better than any historian to date - in reproducing the atmosphere and grotesque contradictions."
Times Higher Education
"Exceptionally readable. An extraordinary, thought-provoking masterpiece."
Literary Review
"Schlögel's total history of Moscow during the fateful year ranks among the best of Sovietology."
International Affairs
"No book could be more equal to the task of restoring Stalin’s victims to Western memory than Schlögel’s Moscow, 1937 - it is an extraordinary work of scholarship, prose and remembrance."
Times Literary Supplement
"Schlogel's comprehensive overview gives a profound overall view of what it was like to live in such a crucial place in such a crucial year."
Dublin Review of Books
"Compelling in every way, the book startles the mind and stirs the imagination in the way that only poetry and music can sometimes do. An instant classic."
Wichita Eagle

German Europe

German Europe
By Ulrich Beck and Rodney Livingstone

"A blistering indictment of Germany's modern-day economic domination, by one of Germany's most distinguished intellectuals."
Daily Mail
"A brilliant and succinct analysis of the political genius of Angela Merkel."
Charles Moore, Sunday Telegraph
"A compelling analysis of Germany."
The Economist
"Democracy won’t be real in Europe until that kind of law has to be proposed, debated, and voted on by all concerned. Beck has moved us a small step closer to this highly desirable consummation, and to a unified political will in Europe, by getting his readers accustomed to thinking of a 'European Germany' rather than a 'German Europe'."
Los Angeles Review of Books
"Diagnoses Europe's troubles with a realism and clarity that suggests a long and arduous road ahead."
Financial Times
"A short but punchy book by the distinguished German sociologist."

Fragile States

Fragile States
By Lothar Brock , Hans-Henrik Holm , Georg Sorenson and Michael Stohl

"The authors have done a superb job unpacking the complexities surrounding the concept of 'fragile state'. The scholarship is first-rate. Highly recommended."
"A very important book, tightly argued and brilliantly written... It is committed neither to an ideological orthodoxy, whether neo-liberal or neo-Marxist, nor purely descriptive or historical. It is both theoretical and empirical, both firm and nuanced. This small book is worth a whole library of studies on nation-building, fragile states and foreign interventions."
"An invaluable analysis which, in addition to imparting a deep insight into the complex nature of fragile states, gives a coherent historical framework which defines political trends in today’s era."
LSE Politics Blog
"A very readable and practically oriented approach to understanding the issue of state fragility."
"A valuable contribution to the literature, analysing conflict and development in the modern era. The comprehensive historical information for each case study is of particular note, ensuring a clear and reasoned discussion of highly complex issues."
Australian Journal of International Affairs

Contemporary Metaethics

Contemporary Metaethics
By Alexander Miller

"No student or teacher could want for a more knowledgable and lucid guide - essential reading for any moral philosopher who wants to be taken seriously."
Morning Star

Liberty and Security

Liberty and Security
By Conor Gearty

"Conventional lawyers in particular may see Gearty's book as controversial, but this is precisely what makes it essential and compelling reading."
Times Higher Education
"Encompasses hugely important, wide-angled themes and does so with tremendous erudition, lucidity, assuredness and power."
Global Policy
"It is breathtaking for a 146-page book to have as wide a sweep as it does. The book is served exceedingly well by the unwavering focus of Conor Gearty."
Hindu Times


By Benoit Peeters

"Exhaustive and exhilarating."
The Scotsman
"Lucid, intelligent and richly informative."
Times Literary Supplement
"A marvellously compelling account, lucidly translated by Andrew Brown. The man who emerges from this portrait is an agonised soul with sudden outbreaks of gaiety, an astonishingly original thinker with more than a dash of vanity who nevertheless made himself fully available to the humblest student."
Terry Eagleton, The Guardian
"Peeters' biography is unique in shaping Jacques Derrida's legacy in a way that a new generation would benefit from knowing."
The Tablet
"Peeters is not a Derridean, but his book has qualities Derrida might have appreciated, above all a supreme patience with intellectual difficulty and abstention from moral judgement. He has done a heroic amount of research, interviewing more than a hundred of Derrida's friends and associates. He also had the co-operation of Derrida's widow, Marguerite. But his principal source of information is Derrida's own writing ... Derrida saved everything he wrote: he regarded every scrap as a 'trace', an almost sacred emblem of survival - and all writing, from poetry to post-its, had philosophical implications. Peeters puts Derrida's professional writing and these traces on an equal footing, using the one to illuminate the other. We see his many sides: a loyal friend and irrepressible seducer; a critic of dogma who couldn't bring himself to admit his own errors; a man who loathed tribalism but was so thin-skinned and so in need of adoration that he ended up leading his own academic tribe."
London Review of Books
"Peeters has cut through a lot of the myth and mystique surrounding Derrida. There is probably more illuminating information here - and correspondence - than has ever been made public before ... Peeters's Derrida is vulnerable, sensitive, prone to bouts of melancholia, neurotic, hypochondriac, and verging on suicidal. He is as tormented and torn as his prose. This is Derrida the poetic soul."
Literary Review
"In addressing a philosopher of the importance of Jacques Derrida, whose massive output – about 60 volumes, not including his as yet unpublished seminars – has been translated and debated the world over, Benoît Peeters has quite rightly chosen not the origins or content of the work itself, but the life of the man behind it. In short, he has written an excellent biography entirely in keeping with Anglo-Saxon traditions."
Elisabeth Roudinesco, The Guardian
"Peeters’ biography humanizes the philosopher in a way that opens up his work in a new way, and most importantly, makes it accessible."
Philosophy After Dark
"If you've ever given up on Derrida, this portrait of him as a lovable, thin-skinned and narcissistic outside in France who shot to fame in the United States should make you reconsider."
New Statesman




Israel/Palestine, 3rd edition

Israel/Palestine, 3rd edition
By Alan Dowty

"Simply the best book available for undergraduates. In my many years of teaching I have never received such universal praise for a textbook on course evaluations."
Israel Studies Review

China’s Environmental Challenges

China’s Environmental Challenges
By Judith Shapiro

"This revolutionary book could be one of the key environmental texts of our age."
Times Higher Education
"A concise and illuminating book."
Financial Times
"A well researched and balanced book about one of the great issues of our time."
South China Morning Post
"An exemplary introduction not only to China's ecological crisis, but also to the analytic tools that might help us to understand and approach it constructively."
China Dialogue
"A well-written book with an astonishingly captivating authorial voice. Fascinating, thoughtful and topical."
International Affairs
"Students new to the topic of China’s environmental politics should find this book a fascinating introduction. China’s Environmental Challenges also has much to offer readers who are familiar with the subject matter, not least Shapiro’s personal insights and the historical and cultural context in which she places current issues."
LSE Review of Books
"An excellent reference for students of international politics and Chinese studies and a pleasant read for anyone interested in learning about China's environmental challenges."
International Spectator
"Very well written and carefully researched - an essential text for anyone wishing to understand the complexities of not only China’s environmental future, but also the realities to the limits to China’s economic growth."
Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia
"Shapiro writes with great clarity and an underlying sense of moral urgency."
Studies on Asia
"Shapiro should be applauded for leveraging her unusual sensitivity to and superb knowledge of China's historical and cultural complexities to generate a fascinating account of the monumental environmental changes currently under way in that country."
Perspectives on Politics

Hitler, Mussolini and the Vatican

Hitler, Mussolini and the Vatican
By Emma Fattorini

"Simply put, this is the most thorough and best documented study yet to appear on Pius XI."
America Magazine
"This excellent new book unearths and magisterially exposes new evidence - a key document for those interested in Europe's turbulent pre-war history."
Hugh O'Shaughnessy, Review 31
"A first-rate study."
American Historical Review
"Now the most comprehensive work on the Vatican’s relations with states and national churches in western and central Europe in the 1930s."
European History Quarterly
"A revealing insight into European politics in the 1930s, and the first scholarly attempt to look at the Church's relationship with Fascism and the Nazis during that period."
Birmingham Jewish Recorder

Believe and Destroy

Believe and Destroy
By Christian Ingrao

"A chilling collective portrait of a generation blinded by the fervor of their ideology and oblivious to the suffering of others."
Wall Street Journal
"Packed with useful information on this important Nazi cadre."
"Presents gripping accounts of particular spectacles of violence and their role in imposing order."
Los Angeles Review of Books

Women and Wars

Women and Wars
Edited by Carol Cohn
Book of the month on Intercross

"To my mind, the very best academic work makes its reader sit up and take notice, either because the ideas are unfamiliar or because familiar ideas have been articulated in a new and engaging way. The individual chapters in this volume do both."
Gender and Development
"A valuable collection for everyone interested in learning some of the ways feminist (IR) analysis is currently formulating, studying, and presenting its war questions."
LSE Review of Books
"A comprehensive and highly readable collection."